Ronnie Lynn Patterson, pianiste

Ronnie Lynn Patterson is a magnificent jazz pianist and a self-taught artist with a passion for Rachmaninov’s music, learning piano at the age of 21 while also playing the drums. He is an indispensable pianist with his extensive background, his integrity, his freshness, his creativity and a very unique touch. His Mississippi, Music and Freedom Fighters albums display his imagination in creating melodic lines with beautiful deep dreamlike, fluid and virtuostic flavors. a Patterson touch according to the journalist and writer Alain Gerber. Aside from his wonderful musical skills, he also speaks multiple languages such as Spanish, Basque, Italian and Chinese and of course impeccable French. He has prepared his Rachmaninov piano rectial which he will give his very first performance.

Music (Outnote Records, 2010) – Mississippi (Harmonic, 2003) – Morton Feldman: Palais de Mari (L’empreinte Digitale, 2001)


Palais de Mari, de Morton Feldman, par Ronnie Lynn Patterson, piano

Samedi 13 octobre, Cloître de la Cité des Arts 22h30 – 23h30  Piano dans la nuit      Palais de Mari, de Morton Feldman, par Ronnie Lynn Patterson, piano Haizebegi crée des conditions d’écoute exceptionnelles pour cette œuvre rarement jouée que Morton Feldman composa en 1986, un an avant sa mort. Ronnie Lynn Patterson a été […]

Date: samedi 13 octobre 2018
Horaires: 22h30 - 23h30
Lieu: Cité des arts, Bayonne
Prix: Prix des 2 concerts 20€ / 10€ / – 12 ans gratuit